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102 Coatesville-Riverhead Highway, Coatesville

2 Yale Place, Albany

25 Postman Road, Dairy Flat

48b Barbados Drive, Unsworth Heights

157 Barrett Road, Riverhead

37 Everard Ave, Stanmore Bay

90 Windridge Lane, Katikati

340 Paremoremo Road, Paremoremo

490 Coatesville-Riverhead Highway, Coatesville

526 Dairy Flat Highway, Dairy Flat

64 Stoney Creek Road , Kaukapakapa

109/2 Athena Drive, Glenfield

26 Isobel Road, Greenhithe

56 Pinchgut Road, Kaukapakapa

12 Henley Road , Kaukapakapa,

12 Whiteways Drive, Dairy Flat

301 Peak Road, Kaukapakapa                            

189 Wright Road, Albany

227 Kahikatea Flat Road                                   

243 Lonely Track, Albany

473 Ridge Road, Coatesville,                                

45 Bay Vista Drive, Red Beach

78 Durey Road Dairy Flat

56 Pinchgut Road Kaukapakapa

North Road Kaukapakapa

64 Stoney Creek Road, Kaukapakapa

Puhipuhi Rd, Northland                                         

Rowan Rd, Stratford

138 Blackbridge Rd, Dairyflat

5 Henley Road, Kaukapakapa                        

10 Kahikatea Flat Road, Dairy Flat 

2095a East Coast Rd, Silverdale                     

49 Waitoki Rd, Waitoki

1 Pebblebrook Rd, Wainui

65 Upper Waiwera Rd, Wainui

911 Weranui Rd, Wainui                                                  

437 Monowai Rd, Wainui

104 Wilks Rd, Dairyflat                                    

210c Monowai Rd, Wainui

320 Forestry Rd, Waitoki

52 Sunnyheights Rd, Orewa                            

54 Young Access Rd, Silverdale

Jack Hawken Lane, Silverdale                         

40 Attitude Rd, Dairyflat

149 Postman Rd, Dairyflat                               

36 Bawden Rd, Dairyflat

989 Dairyflat Hwy, Dairyflat                             

190 Greenhithe Rd, Greenhithe

76 Burne Rd, Dairyflat                                       

38b Wicklam Lane, Greenhithe

1509 Dairyflat Hwy, Dairyflat                            

4 Wilson Rd, Dairyflat

9 Maire Rd, Orewa                                             

30 Elmore Rd, Albany

Ruhori Rd, Makarau                                           

664 Dairyflat Hwy 17, Albany

1428 Dairyflat Hwy 17, Dairyflat                        

14 Buckleys Track, Paremoremo

22 Siesta Tce, Army Bay

78 Durey Rd, Dairy Flat

12 Wicklam Lane, Greenhithe                           

Lot 5 Leggett Lane, Dairyflat

36 Bawden Rd, Dairyflat                                     

000 Pebblebrook, Wainui

83 Lonely Track Rd, Albany                               

999 Kahikatea Flat Rd, Waitoki

351 Bawden Rd, Dairyflat

624 Dairyflat Hwy 17, Albany

138 Blackbridge Road, Dairyflat                         

90 Wilks Rd, Dairyflat

45 Postman Rd, Dairyflat                                     

103 Green Rd, Dairyflat

55 Coatesville/Riverhead Coatesville                

46 Obrien Rd, Coatesville

3 Escott Rd, Dairyflat                                            

59 Robinson Rd, Coatesville

171 Top Rd, Dairyflat                                            

501 Dairyflat Hwy 17, Albany

1 Hobson Rd, Albany Heights

12 Valley Rd, Waitoki     

80 Tender Rd, Dairyflat

8 Hobson Heights Rd, Lucas Heights                    

78 Barrett Rd, Coatesville

94 The Avenue Albany                                          

883 Dairyflat Hwy 17, Dairyflat

52 Blackbridge Rd, Dairyflat                   

76 Wake Rd, Coatesville

2/61 The Avenue Albany                                       

8 Kenedy Rd, Dairyflat

124 Three Oaks Drive, Dairyflat                             

104 Tender Rd, Dairyflat

102 Tender Rd, Dairyflat     

168 Gills Road, Albany                                        

139 Attwood Rd, Paremoremo   

34 Richards Rd, Dairyflat                                 

48 Argent Lane, Silverdale

515 Kahikatea Flat Road

46 Attwood Rd, Paremoremo

301 Peak Rd  Kaukapakapa

Goodwin Rd, Okato 

Pawawera Rd, Kihikihi                                             

Skeet Rd, Kapuni

Plymouth Rd, Oakura                                               

498 Blackbridge Rd, Dairyflat

Korito Rd, Egmont Village

Fosters Rd, Tutoemoe       

StHwy 2 Ngatea                                                 

Stratford/Opunake Rd, Kaponga

Maungatautari Rd, Cambridge                                 

West Coast Rd, Ahuroa

Kaipi Rd Egmont Rd, Egmont Village

Croydon Rd, Oakura                         

Some of Nigel’s farm sales

Kupara Rd, Ratapiko

Hurford Rd ,Omata

Pukepapa Rd, Marton

Momouth Rd, Midhurst                                            

Te Pua Road, Kaikohe.

Nigel worked with Trans Tasman Rural Marketing and Andrew Gilmour over a long period of time and has settled a number of farms in the Northern Victoria and Southern NSW irrigated areas. Nigel and Andrew conducted a number of seminars throughout New Zealand explaining the pitfalls and advantages of buying in  the above areas. Country Calendar followed Nigel on one of his trips with clients who sold in Dargaville and purchased a dairyfarm near Numurkah.

Whilst this has not been a priority recently, the knowledge and understanding of the dairying scene in Australia is still close at hand. Nigel would welcome your call in confidence if the interest is there.          

Australian Dairyfarms

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